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Apartments Cadier en Keer

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  • Apartment Kerkstraat-Cadier en Keer-Cadier
    € 685,- per month (exclusive) - 1 bedroom - 72 m² - Unfurnished

    Spacious apartment with lots of natural light, new bathroom, kitchen, spacious bedroom and private roof terrace. Layout:ground floor:entrance /...

    Apartment offered by: Pro Housing
  • Apartment Kerkstraat-Cadier en Keer-Cadier
    € 575,- per month (inclusive) - 1 bedroom - 50 m² - Unfurnished

    Decent, simple 1 bedroom apartment in the village cadier en keer, close to maastricht (5km). The apartment is located at the 2nd floor. Through t...

    Apartment offered by: 123 Wonen Limburg
  • Apartment Kerkstraat-Cadier en Keer-Cadier
    € 520,- per month (inclusive) - 1 bedroom - 40 m² - Unfurnished

    Very nice, small 1 person apartment in cadier en keer. The apartment is situated at the backside of the building at the 1st floor. The living room...

    Apartment offered by: 123 Wonen Limburg
  • Apartment Torenstraat-Cadier en Keer-Cadier
    € 730,- per month (inclusive) - 2 bedrooms - 60 m² - Furnished or unfurnished

    Modern apartment with two bedrooms, luxury kitchen, two balconies in front and at rear and private parking located in center in front of...

    Apartment offered by: Pro Housing
  • Family house Limburgerstraat-Cadier en Keer-Cadier
    € 1.100,- per month (exclusive) - 1 bedroom - 150 m² - Furnished

    Well kept house with driveway, neat garden with pond and very spacious office/guest house. Layout: basement:basement used for storage (8m). ...

    Family House offered by: Pro Housing
  • Family house Fommestraat 4 -Cadier en Keer-Cadier
    € 1.350,- per month (exclusive) - 3 bedrooms - 150 m² - Unfurnished

    Spacious semi detached bungalow with garage. Beautifully landscaped, fully enclosed patio garden with 2 terraces and a pond. On a beautiful and...

    Family House offered by: MIJN HUIS en ik
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