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For an apartment for rent Limburg you are at the right place on Pararius, we have a large amount of apartments for rent limburg. Because of our large apartment for rent offer in Limburg there is a lot of choice for the tenant. Are you more interested in an apartment for rent in the bigger cities in Limburg or are you interested in an apartment for rent in quiet little cities in Limburg. Even within the cities there is a wide offer  of apartments for rent. The apartment for rent listings which are offered come of renowned rental agencies from Limburg, these guarantee a wide and high quality offer. The province Limburg is the most Southern province of the Netherlands. The capital of Limburg is the city Maastricht. Other important cities in Limburg are; Heerlen, Venlo and Sittard. The province Limburg borders with the province Gelderland in the noth and the province Noord Brabant in the north-east. Maastricht has more than 1450 monuments, after Amsterdam Maastricht the city with most monuments in the Netherlands is.

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