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Agence immobilière Zeilstra Beheer BV, immobilier à Den Haag et ses environs

Kranenburgweg 146, 2583 ER |Voir tous les logements à louer de immobiliers Zeilstra Beheer BV

L'emplacement du immobilier Zeilstra Beheer BV


L'emplacement du immobilier Zeilstra Beheer BV

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Accueil immobilier Zeilstra Beheer BV à Den Haag

Founded in 1904, Zeilstra Beheer B. V. has gained extensive experience in the field of real estate management. With thousands of premises under management, we are one of the key real estate management companies in the Netherlands. Our company is based around 22 professionals who actively manage property portfolio&#**************************************************;s license) • Proof of income over the last year of all prospective occupiers • Statement of good behaviour of your last landlord • If several candidates apply for the property, the property owner will decide among the candidates and assign the property. Contract When the property is assigned to you, an appointment will be made for the signing the lease or rental agreement. The lease will be sent to you in advance. The lease agreement will be for an initial period of one year. After the first year, the agreement will be extended for an indefinite period. Before the keys are handed over the following expenses must be paid: • First moth's rent • Deposit (= one month rent) • Brokerage expenses The rights and responsibilities of the tenant will be included in the lease agreement. You can find the general provisions on the website of ROZ (please see "Algemene bepalingen").