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Para alquilar: Cuarto sitio Volmerlaan en Rijswijk

2288 GC Rijswijk (Plaspoelpolder)
850 € al mes
Superficie habitable
23 m²


Welcome to a world where everything is possible and nothing is too crazy.

Student hotel Stay at 7 is a place for international students, creative people & avid pillow fighters. Table tennis players and coffee lovers. A place where you meet, come together and start the day dancing. You are at home. The feeling that everyone in the world knows and connects.

Stay at 7 student hotel is more than just a hotel. It is a place where people study hard, make new friendships and of course chill hard!

General room description:

Stay at 7 is a place where you gather. Meet and enjoy the positive Eat, Sleep, Chill and Work vibe. A place where everything is possible and nothing is impossible. Where meals are prepared for you and freshly brewed coffee can be ordered. Staying at 7 is not just a stay, it is an experience.

A room so cozy and nice. A room for small budgets. But don't underestimate the 12m2. Rest in the two single beds and enjoy the hot shower.
The room is equipped with a shower, toilet, WiFi, mini fridge and a large storage under the bed.

1 person
Double bed
Free super fast Wifi
Weekly cleaning
Private bathroom
Laundry room
Lounge aera
Weekly events
Discount on the EAT & CHILL menu
Mini fridge

Let us surprise you and enjoy the Eat, Sleep, Chill and Work vibe in our hotel.


Precio de alquiler
850 € al mes (Amueblado, Incluyendo gas, Incluyendo agua, Incluyendo electricidad, Incluyendo Internet, Excluyendo gastos de servicio)
Ofrecido desde
7 semanas
Para alquilar

Superficie y capacidad

Espacio habitable
23 m²


Tipo de casa
Cuarto sitio


Número de habitaciones
Conexión a Internet