Pararius Rental Properties
  • Become a pre-qualified tenant with Wonen-OK by Pararius

  • Create your Wonen-OK dossier and stand out with every property application

    One-off costs: €35,-

    Get pre-qualified with Wonen-OK

How it works:

  • Create your Wonen-OK dossier

    After signing-up for Wonen-OK you need to upload the required documents. Make sure you have a copy of the following documents at hand:

    1. Passport or valid ID
    2. Three most recent salary slips or an income declaration
    3. Bank statement from the account to which your income is deposited

    Your Wonen-OK dossier is stored in your secured Wonen-OK account. Rest assured, It remains your data, your dossier and you are the only one to decide with whom you will share your information.

  • Get the Wonen-OK status and a dossier

    Wonen-OK will carry out the following checks:

    1. Validate passport or valid ID
    2. Validate payment history
    3. E-mail to your employer or client (if applicable) with brief questions

    After getting the Wonen-OK status and the validated Wonen-OK dossier you can ask questions regarding the outcome and request well founded alterations of the dossier content, at all times.

    Download sample dossier

  • Get pre-selected by the agent

    With every rental application on Pararius the agent is notified about your Wonen-OK status. This ensures you get a priority treatment by the agent. The agent could request the Wonen-OK dossier from you in order to speed up the rental process.