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FRIS Vastgoed Management is part of the FRIS , a company founded in 1923 as insurance office, but over the years has grown into an organization that has knowledge and expertise in virtually all areas that is required of a real estate organization. She advises and carries out on almost all surfaces :

-Buy and Rent
- Brokerage and Management
-Businesses and Homes
-Individual and project-
-Insurance and advice
-Research and consultancy
-Locally, nationally and internationally .

The pleasant multidisciplinary nature of this condition is that can provide insight into the effects of virtually all real estate decisions, virtually all stages of the property may be located , and therefore can advise founded. Fris has not only knowledge acquisition ( rent) and sales (rental) property, but also financial, administrative, commercial and technical management: housing and Commercial Real Estate. The organization also has extensive expertise in the field of insurances and mortgages. By using modern marketing tools and current databases is also originated an effective organization that knows what is going on in the Greater Amsterdam region (and nationally in the field of management and investments). The compact size of 45 employees that makes personal contact condition, a high degree of flexibility and a strong approach can guarantee.

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