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PRO Makelaars is active in Greater Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer and surroundings. We specialize in buying and selling homes and investment properties. We also provide (NWWI) valuations and we can mediate in taking out a mortgage. For rent you can contact us.

Service and quality are our top priority.

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Mario Nouwens


Vincent van Voorst


Floris Cramer


i nostri nuovi immobili

Daniël Stalpertstraat 17 II

1.400 € al mese

Nicolaas Anslijnstraat 112

1.400 € al mese

Eastonstraat 71

1.400 € al mese

Grootzeilhof 116

1.300 € al mese

Nicolaas Maesstraat 32 2 L

1.500 € al mese

Egelantiersstraat 53 I

1.100 € al mese

Agatha Dekenstraat 61 IV

1.900 € al mese

Van Boshuizenstraat 633

1.200 € al mese

Wingerdweg 313

1.400 € al mese

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