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Makelaars Associatie was established almost 50 years ago and has all the services associated with real estate in house. Whether you want to buy a great house for yourself; or sell or rent a house or premises; or outsource your entire property management as an individual or as an investor; or want a professional VVE (owners’ association) manager; or are looking for a rental home, Makelaars Associatie can help you with comprehensive advice

Our advisors and employees work on the housing and real estate markets every day. They buy, sell, rent, value, manage, organise … In short, Makelaars Associatie has all the knowledge, expertise and experience in real estate in house. Exactly the expertise that you need!

Our company is well organised and is informal, with short lines of communication. This makes our work pleasant and efficient. We value our trusted, personal relationships with our clients.

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Theresiastraat 392

1.050 € al mese

Ernest Staasstraat 56

815 € al mese

Frankenstraat 35 A

2.350 € al mese

Ahornstraat 7

1.250 € al mese

Gravestraat 3 A.

2.500 € al mese

Merkusstraat 160

1.250 € al mese

Koningin Marialaan 42

1.450 € al mese

Vlamenburg 111

1.250 € al mese

Hasseltsestraat 44

2.200 € al mese

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