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Brick Real Estate, a housing agency in the Netherlands with a lot of experience within the rental property market in the region of Eindhoven. These kind of properties varies from rooms up to Vila's.

Brick Real Estate has a lot of experience in successfully mediate between home-owners, tenants, expats and companies. We have direct contacts with Human Resource departments of companies in the region of Eindhoven.
Registration at Brick Real Estate is free and without any obligations.
If you haven't found a property in our database that suits you, we still recommend registering! We often know if a property will become available within a short period. Those properties are not on the website yet and could fit your needs.

The registration form will give us some details of your personal situation and the kind of property you are looking for. That way we can help you finding the property that will fit your needs.

When you visit Brick's Real Estate office for the first time, please bring a copy of your identity and your pay slips with you.

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