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Stoit Groep offers a very large variety of quality properties. All our homes have to meet our extreme high standards.

We offer:
- Furnished houses and apartments
- Semi Furnished houses and apartments
- Short Stay Apartments

1. Furnished
These homes are fully furnished with quality furnishing, carpets, and curtains as well as a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, linen and towels.

Minimal rental period: 3 calendar months
Deposit: two months rent
Administration costs: € 350,- excl vat

2. Semi Furnished
These homes have carpets (or other floor coverings,) curtains and light fixtures. Often they also have some, or all, major kitchen appliances and / or a garden.

Minimal rental period: 12 calendar months
Deposit: two months rent
Administration costs: € 350,- excl vat

3. Short Stay apartments
Stot Groep has several Shortstay apartments available in he center of Eindhoven. Please contact us for the up-to-date availability.

Minimum rental period: 7 nigths

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