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Nationale verhuurmakelaar is regionally active in the field of housing rent, rental and management.

Quickly rent your house!
We rent an average of your property within 14 days.
Nationale verhuurmakelaar helps you as a landlord to rent out your home.

Looking for the right tenant takes time and we do all the work for you.
Both rooms, apartments, and homes, we propose a ads. This we place for you to include jaap. nl - huislijn. nl - pararius. nl and more.
This enables us to reach many more potential tenants.
The subsequent reactions we select, do the inspections and take care of the financial settlement and key contributions.

These are just possibilities, because you as a landlord give as much or little as you like of work

Nationale verhuurmakelaar only help candidates who:
Provide insight into their personal background
Financial bear weight enough to meet the monthly rent
That are able valid identity papers
A copy of the contract or letter of intent from their employer able to submit
Explanation current landlord / manager, owner or mortgagee;
Potential tenants must submit these data for any visit,
in order to subsequently avoid surprises and disappointments.

We mediate many regional companies which are looking for housing for its employees and UT employees (PHD researchers).
For this we are also constantly looking for accommodation, furnished and unfurnished.

Together with you will ultimately decide who is going to involve your property.
We can also arrange the management of your object, namely; commercial management, administration and technical management.

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