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Altijd Wonen are professional rental real estate agents with enthusiast team whose upmost priority is service to their customers in finding suitable places to stay.

Altijd Wonen aims to tailor their services to the wishes of every customer with a touch of professional organization. This includes, among others, a so-called service menu for tenants and lease menu for landlords. These menus have one goal: to help tenants find accommodation and to help landlords find tenants in an easy, quick and user-friendly way.

Altijd Wonen are the most competitive real estate agent in Utrecht, Den Haag, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, with more service for less money. Our rates are kept as low as possible – so that our clients feel satisfied with our service – be it a service to find a tenant or a house.

Altijd Wonen are based in Utrecht, Den Haag, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, registered in Chamber of Commerce #30222803. Amsterdam real estate license is HW 91777.

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