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Expat Residence is a real estate agency specializing in rentals for the expat community in the Hague and its suburbs. We are well known to all established international companies, organizations including the diplomatic community.

We have a great enthusiastic team with a lot of experience including young colleagues with talent who mainly deal with the social media aspect in our market.


Our primary task is to help landlords with the rental of their properties. We are active and reachable after working hours and on weekends. Keeping on top of all aspects of rental we see of great importance in order to achieve and maintain a smooth process. . To achieve a positive result we also have a stylist in our team who can help the landlord in the design and presentation of their property.

Personal guide for expats:

We help and advise expats who come to The Hague and its suburbs to work on finding suitable accommodation that personally suits the needs of the “new comer' with advice on issues such as distance to work, schools, highways etc. Identifying personal needs of our clients is the most important. We know all about the city because we were born and raised here and we will help to find a great place to live.

Nos derniers logements

Saffierhorst 8

1 100 € par mois

Segbroeklaan 40

1 350 € par mois

Arnhemsestraat 13

1 750 € par mois

Watertorenlaan 45

2 750 € par mois

Atjehstraat 18

2 250 € par mois

Sportlaan 6

1 150 € par mois

Leeuweriklaan 6

2 750 € par mois

Arentsburghlaan 29

3 950 € par mois

Bezuidenhoutseweg 80 J

2 250 € par mois

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