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K&P Makelaars will help you as specific and effective as possible to help you as a client. Every client has different needs and requirements, therefore we will provide our service according to your wishes. Please see below a list of activities / services that we can perform or we can assist with in order to help you from the time you register at our website until the end of your rental period.

Make an inventory of your wishes / search profile.

Search for and make a selection of suitable accommodation according to your wishes / search profile

Organize (a) viewing(s) and giving information about one or more accommodation(s), including its organization.

Provide general information about the possibilities of finding an accommodation, the local housing market, housing permits, housing allowance, rent prices, enrollment in the municipal administration, etc.

Evaluating viewing(s) with you as a client.

Creating a file (identity details, income, study information, job information, etc. ) about you as client to introduces you the best we can to a potential landlord. We will make every effort that the landlord of the accommodation will rent out the property to you.

Negotiate with potential landlord(s) about the content of the rental contract.

Create a rental contract and taking care of the signing of the rental contract by you and the landlord.

Providing information, and giving an explanation about the rental contract.

Ensure that the first payment to the landlord shall be made ​​on time

Organizing the delivery of the accommodation to you

Establish a proper inspection (with photos) (including recording of meter readings, control keys, control inventory, inventory of defects).

If necessary, to contact the landlord to fulfill his obligations after the inception of the accommodation.

Giving support with: maintenance, removal, transportation / purchase of inventory, search for workmen in connection with the painting, wallpapering, carpeting, etc

Giving support in getting telephone and Internet access and connection to utilities;

Act as primary source of information for you as a client during the term of your rental period.

As you can see, we want to provide a service as complete as possible to make your time in Groningen as pleasant as possible. You can always call us for advice on anything to do with renting, but also when you would like to have information about the nightlife, restaurants, practicing a sport, beautiful cycling routers, etc. We are happy to provide you with advice.

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