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Stienstra, a household name in real Estate Land, has been providing a variety of services in real estate since 1961. We are currently active in the field of investing in, operating and managing rental properties. Stienstra want to distinguish itself as an investor in and manage rental properties. We do this primarily through carefully deal with the interest of our tenants.

Stienstra focuses on both existing and also new homes in the rental sector, but has spread Netherlands besides 6000private homes also approximately 6000existing homes of others in management. Stienstra provides the renatal, sale and manamgent of these parties.

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Brigitte van Dijk

Courtier en ventes immobilières

Niels van de Leemkolk

Courtier en ventes immobilières

Eric-Jan Dorrestijn

Courtier en ventes immobilières

Jeroen Janssen

Courtier en ventes immobilières

John Geres

Courtier en ventes immobilières

Patrick Kuijper

Courtier en ventes immobilières

Nos derniers logements

Drontermeer 18

1 225 € par mois

Hortensialaan 7 M

975 € par mois

Mathieu Kesselserf 9

1 125 € par mois

Royaards van den Hamkade 125

1 225 € par mois

Schout van Heeckerenring 32

945 € par mois

Groen van Prinstererkade 40

1 195 € par mois

Kloosterstraat 10 b

950 € par mois

Zands Allee 8

1 145 € par mois

Kloosterstraat 10 j

1 095 € par mois

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