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VerhuurPro is the professional organization that focuses mainly on rental and rental of homes and apartments in Twente.

We have years of experience in renting homes. VerhuurPro secures your real estate center, so your property is in safe hands. VerhuurPro ensure appropriate tenants are screened extensively. We also take into account the vacancy and / or a diplomatic clause. We are pleased to inform you about this.

VerhuurPro has continuous supply of people who want to rent temporarily. Temporary house hunters working o a. . At Twente Hospital Group, University of Twente, Heracles Almelo, businesses and governments.

Hiring is a complicated process where we would like to assist. Have questions about rent or lease, please contact our team.

Quiénes somos

Marc Le Noble

Agente de alquiler

Bertine Hammink

Agente de ventas

Barbara le Noble

Gerente de oficina

Nuestros listados recientes

Hagenborgh 281

800 € al mes

Grovestins 32

875 € al mes

Smetanastraat 15

750 € al mes

Drienerwoldeweg 35

2.250 € al mes

De Buizerd 115

975 € al mes

Reutumbrink 6

700 € al mes

Hofkampstraat 147

750 € al mes

Saasveldbrink 9

700 € al mes


737 € al mes

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