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Dudok Wonen is a tenant and buyer housing company with 8,000properties. Many of these homes were designed by Dudok and other contemporaries. Dudok Wonen feels connected to this cultural heritage. Its preservation is of considerable importance. That is why she feels 'obliged' to develop new building projects at the same high architectural and urban aspirations as then. Besides social rental houses and houses for sale, Dudok also offers regular rental houses in a price range between € 750,00and € 1. 200,00.

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Spoorstraat 1 F

1.350 € al mes

Langestraat 34 A

1.400 € al mes

Koekoeklaan 3 B6

850 € al mes

Schapenkamp 105

1.250 € al mes

Wilhelminastraat 22

1.300 € al mes

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