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AHA (Another Home Abroad) Immobilien, zur Miete in Amsterdam

Hendrik Jacobszstraat 10, 1075 PD Amsterdam

Alle Mietangebote namentlich aufgeführt anzeigen AHA (Another Home Abroad)

Über uns

Since 1994 your expat broker in Amsterdam area when it comes to hiring or lease of a house in Amsterdam and surroundings.

With over 20 years experience you choose safety and experience. A logical choice!

Lease to expatriates

AHA is fully aware of the rules and regulations in the Amsterdam rental market. Tenants who are accompanied by us generally working for major international companies.
Homeowners find these tenants, the so-called. Expats generally very suitable. Bringing together a good combination tenant and landlord is the specialty of AHA. Another Home Abroad works together with relocation agencies.

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  • Micha Pais
    Micha Pais
  • Lonneke Haije
    Lonneke Haije
  • Luciana Fernandes
    Luciana Fernandes
    Commercial assistent
  • Evelyne Rossetti
    Evelyne Rossetti
    Commercial assistent
  • René Haije
    René Haije
    Commercial assistent

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