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With 20 years of experience we know what makes the difference between just any house and a real home. Whether you're a home owner seeking professional assistance on renting your own home or investment properties. Or a multinational looking for the best high serviced, personal assistance for your employees on finding their new home, so they can settle in quickly and focus on their new jobs instead of worrying about where to live. Holland Home Management is at your service and we'll be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Unsere neuesten Immobilien

Bankastraat 37 D

1.500 € pro Monat

Gustav Mahlerlaan 13 C

1.250 € pro Monat

Vespuccistraat 61 HS

1.500 € pro Monat

Cliostraat 63 1

3.500 € pro Monat

Grensstraat 2 C

1.300 € pro Monat

Nedersticht 232

1.500 € pro Monat

Van der Hoopstraat 132 hs

1.395 € pro Monat

Wijttenbachstraat 64 C

1.400 € pro Monat

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