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We are Stadlander. A housing corporation 15.000 homes in West Brabant and Tholen. One area that has been referred to the central government as a shrinking population-anticipating region. We want our tenants to live nice, now and in the future. We are active in the city and in the villages. Our tenants are City Landers. Together with our stakeholders, we do our best for our area. With a city bursting. And rural areas where life is pleasant. With homes that fit what our tenants want. Homes with acceptable housing costs and quality for the primary customer group (defined by the government based on income) and housing with an appropriate price and quality for other customer groups. Housing for young and old. With all the opportunities to grow. For a city Lander looks on. He has an eye for tomorrow. A City Lander would later live in his familiar surroundings. Independently as possible. With assistance if necessary.

A City Lander want to live comfortable. With good neighbors, in a street that is clean and safe. He wants facilities nearby, like schools and work. That's why we go for a comprehensive approach to differentiated neighborhoods and nuclei. We do not alone. Together with our tenants and other partners, we are building the future. Ambitious and efficient. With a broad vision of the region and at the same time anchored in society. The city and the country can not do without each other. We feel involved. Leading policy and robust financial health. That is our strength.

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