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The Bloois Property located at Noordeinde 46 Delft. We specialize in purchasing guidance of investment properties, sell properties and rental / management of your property.

A good personal contact and quality is at the forefront Bloois Realty. We have extensive knowledge of the market, the people and their needs. We can help you find the right home.

Looking guides you to find the right investment property? renting out your house or to outsource the management of your property, please contact us.

Unsere neuesten Immobilien

Boomsluiterskade 41 K4

595 € pro Monat

Boomsluiterskade 41 K2

450 € pro Monat

Boomsluiterskade 41 K1

645 € pro Monat

Boomsluiterskade 41 K3

630 € pro Monat

Boomsluiterskade 41

1.600 € pro Monat

Lunterenstraat 263

1.350 € pro Monat

Buffelstraat 85

1.150 € pro Monat

Zweedsestraat 66 A1

1.095 € pro Monat

West-Varkenoordseweg 157 A03

945 € pro Monat

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