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De Haagsche Makelaar is your specialist in home-rentals and homes for sale in The Hague

De Haagsche Makelaar sees to the sale and rental of rooms, studio flats, furnished apartments and family homes in desirable locations in The Hague region.
Each property has its own story, history and background. Furthermore, we have an extensive database of screened and decent (international) property-seekers at our disposal.
The professionals employed at De Haagsche Makelaar are well aware that first and foremost a property should be a home, in the present as well the future. This is why we persist in the house hunt until we have found the perfect match between our various clients and their perfect home.

Managing or renting out your property/-ies
Do you wish to rent out your property/-ies or do you wish to relinquish the management thereof in a problem-free way? De Haagsche Makelaar offers advice and counsels landlords as well as managing properties in a transparent and professional manner. For you this means carefree business.

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