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Quwest, home's best Immobilien, zur Miete in Utrecht

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Über uns

Welcome to Quwest, home's best.

Quwest, home’s best is a real estate agent in the Netherlands and we specialize in dealing with expatriates who want to rent a house or apartment. The houses and apartments are available for the short term, mostly ranging from six months to three years. Depending on demands the houses and apartments are furnished or semi-furnished, modern or authentic, situated in the city or countryside etc. In response to requests from people all over the world, our business is to provide our clients, especially executives, expats and impats, with the best accommodation possible.

Registration is free. Requests are handled free of charge. All offers are free without any obligations. Once you have decided to rent the accommodation offered to you, you owe Quwest, home's best a non-recurrent fee.

Rental agreements are drawn up between the tenant and the landlord of the accommodation. Rental prices may be very different from your home country. Prices vary from EUR 750, - per month to EUR 6000, - or over (excl gas, water, electricity and local taxes). The rent is payable monthly in advance. Usually the landlord will require a deposit amounting to one or two months rent in advance.

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