The Bridge Amsterdam, a homely space that ticks all the boxes.
162 rental apartments with private outdoor spaces
  • 40 m² - 90 m²
  • 162 rental apartments


The Bridge, designed by Dam & Partners Architecten, comprises two impressive towers of around 40 and 60 meters in height. Both towers are joined at ground level. Around 9,600 m² of high-quality office space, socials functions and 162 apartments will find their home in this distinctive building. Residents, professionals, and visitors alike will enjoy a host of amenities and access to green outdoor spaces. The Bridge is somewhere to unwind, breathe and feel at home. At the same time, the center of Amsterdam and its surrounding natural areas are just a bike ride away.

The red polished concrete facade with the large windows, gives the 60 meter high residential tower a unique atmosphere of openness. Together with the ground floor, it can accommodate a blend of apartments, including 32 for the social housing sector and 130 in the mid-range rental segment. Apartments range in size from 40 to 90 m². Smart layouts and nice balconies add a real sense of space and make each home a comfortable place to live. A large entrance offers access to all the apartments.

The ground floor is home to a series of small-scale homes constructed entirely with wood – from start to finish. Their facades will feature burnt Shou Sugi Ban wood and a light-colored timber. Access to these apartments will be via their own entrance on the street side. The pavement and open outdoor areas will feature lots of greenery, while everything is designed by a premium landscape architect to ensure an attractive lay-out.