Living in Lightyards

In Eindhoven, a new part of the city is being created. From the Stationsplein to the Dommel, Eindhoven gets even more shine with Lightyards.
Start build
  • from 40m²
  • rental apartments
  • 190


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The beginning of Lightyards is here. The tone has been set with The Student Hotel. But in Lightyards, three more buildings are being developed. Two residential buildings and one office building. A maximum of 242 apartments of approximately 40 m2 to approximately 150 m2, in two residential buildings, will be built.

Highlight building

The highlight will be a modern residential tower about 75 meters high, just like The Student Hotel. The building will house approximately 190 compact and medium-sized rental apartments. Attractive friends-apartments will also be located here: ideal for anyone who would like to share an apartment with a good friend. In a friends apartment you have a lot of privacy with your own spacious bedroom with adjoining bathroom and the cosiness of a shared living room and kitchen. On the ground floor of the building there will be a number of large, double-height apartments with their own front door to the inner garden. These houses are very suitable for a company or studio at home.

On the ground floor of Highlight you will find the entrance and a common room. You may choose to open your laptop here on a working day at home or catch up with your neighbor. Prefer to go outside? You can enter the courtyard, but also the green roof garden. Perfect for sports, lounging in the sun or doing some work outside. The balconies of the apartments in the tower are mainly on the east and west sides of the building.


  • Start build 2022
  • Start rentals Unknown