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Dokter Makelaardij is an all-service agency.

We know Amsterdam and Amsterdam knows us. That means we are well aware of everything which happens on the Amsterdam housing market, whether it comes to selling homes or the purchase of housing. We are ahead and sit at the front. Only then you know first what treasures there are in sales.

Doctor Brokerage is a member of the Dutch Association of Estate Agents (NVM) and the Amsterdam Brokers Association (MVA). We sell, buy (also on the Amsterdam auction houses), value, making valuations and advise on the reference to a mortgage adviser.

Doctor Brokerage has an impressive reputation. Amsterdam bluff? No, we are simply innovative, sensible, convenient, fast and think with you. No mega office where the customer becomes a number, but not too small either.

It employs four registered RMT brokers, three candidate agents K-RMT and a back office employee at Doctor Brokerage. Which one of them before you get started, you decide. Meet our brokers?

Doctor Brokerage was founded in 1989 by Rene doctor. Today, located on the Spui, a famous square in the center of Amsterdam. Even right next to the famous café-restaurant and café Luxembourg Hoppe, compared Athenaeum Bookshop and the Beguine. Easy to find and reach. Our unmissable showcase daily viewed by many (including your target group).


Rene Dokter

Real estate agent

Jip Oudes

Real estate agent

Harm Plante

Real estate agent

Dennis Thomassen

Real estate agent

Douwe van den Broek

Real estate agent

Arlene Visser

Commercial assistent

Margot van de Poll

Commercial assistent

Susanne Dijkstra

Associate in training

Petra Simera

Office manager

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