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Domica Amsterdam is the perfect partner when you are looking for housing in the area Amsterdam. We always properties available within different price ranges.

Why Domica Amsterdam?
- Member of VBO (trade association)

- Team of professional real estate agents

- Over 25 years of experience

- High service

- We help you finding your new home

Are you looking for a new home in the area Amsterdam? Please give us a call at 20 787 07 86 or send an e-mail to *******************

Our latests listings

Julius Pergerstraat

€1,495 per month

Mr. P.N. Arntzeniusweg

€1,500 per month


€1,295 per month


€1,350 per month

Johan Hofmanstraat

€1,595 per month

Blaeu Erf

€1,795 per month

Jacob van Lennepkade

€1,495 per month


€1,600 per month


€1,790 per month

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