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We have been active on the housing market for many years and know the market thoroughly. That is why we are a valuable partner for renting as well as letting. Thanks to reliable contacts in our network, we can always find suitable housing or a tenant for you.

Why HBhousing?

HB Housing is specialised in the mediation during the letting and renting of houses and apartments for both individuals and companies. HB Housing is an experienced, innovative company aimed at delivering high quality and personal services to our customers. We strongly believe in customer commitment and retention and we work hard to meet the expectations of our clients.


Linda van der Lijcken

Office manager

Rémon Janssen

Rental agent

Valérie Theunissen

Rental agent

Our latests listings


€1,750 per month


€2,000 per month

Eerste Boerhaavestraat

€2,150 per month

Ferry Ploegerstraat

€1,400 per month

Het Oerd

€1,600 per month

Mary Zeldenruststraat

€2,000 per month

Derde Weteringdwarsstraat

€2,500 per month


€1,500 per month

Jan Bernardusstraat

€1,450 per month

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