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A house rental If you own a home, you want to rent for six months or longer? Rappange Brokerage can mean a lot to you. Your property with the intervention of our hiring, means that you are (almost) no longer a concern. Rappange Brokerage is only collaborating with owners or persons authorized by the owner to make decisions on this rental. Opinion eens Invite us for a free recording of your object. Based on experience and market research gives one of our letting agents advice on the rent and the lease strategy *. Together we determine the final rental price and conditions. * For a better rental opportunity / prize can offer our opinion as the house is furnished. Or make some adjustments to the property. Fast hire Rappange Brokerage takes all the data from your home that are relevant for the rental. We fotoâ € ™ s of the property for rental marketing. We then report your home at the tender plant of the NVM, where all NVM estate agents offices in Amsterdam have access. We also list your property on Funda. namely on Pararius. nl and on our own website. We also bring your property to the attention of our clients, including offices for rental mediation. Views Rappange Brokerage organize and conduct the viewings's interested with. You do not need to be present in the home. You can determine how much time to spend on rent. For fast and flexible rental is important that we receive a key to your home. If the property is still occupied by you or third parties, the tour takes place in consultation. Lease We screen a potential tenant to the extent possible on legality and income. Furthermore, we make the contract, and we take care of the check, the keys and leaving the checkout. Management We offer you the possibility to manage your property on us. You also do not have to worry about o a. . The collection of rent, the lease administration and handling (maintenance) issues. For more information about this, contact the Rent Administration Department. More information? Please contact us for questions or an appointment to view one of our experienced letting agents. Call the above phone number.

Our latests listings

Frederiksstraat 1 A-II

€1,350 per month

Gerrit van der Veenstraat 41 hs

€2,950 per month

Middenweg 16 II

€1,500 per month

Noordermarkt 42 B

€1,750 per month

Ceintuurbaan 125 II

€1,650 per month

Knollendamstraat 113

€1,750 per month

Valeriusstraat 220 II

€1,500 per month

Pieter Calandlaan 67

€1,450 per month

Fagelstraat 75 III

€1,650 per month

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