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RE/MAX is the world leader in real estate and is known as one of the largest and fastest growing real estate organizations in the Netherlands. We are an international company with a unique nationwide and international network. This provides us with great advantages that many expats are familiar with our business and have confidence in our services. Our international familiarity puts RE/MAX PRO one step ahead of the competition as we are contacted and offer services before arrival in Amsterdam.

Information for tenants: You can always register with us and we determine your search profile based on you personal requirements. Limited time to spend looking for an accommodation and no property matching your needs between our offers? We have an accurate database of all homes and will actively search for a property that will match your needs and requirements. We accompany you during any visits and the signing of the rental contract

Information for landlords: We do an extensive screening of possible tenants and make sure the tenant suits your accommodation. They will take care of your house as if it’s their own property. We have a rental agreement based on the model of the Real Estate Council. This means that we adapt each contract to the specific requirements and wishes of the landlord.

RE/MAX PRO is a customer focused and professional organization specialized in the rental of rooms, apartments and houses always providing the best services to our tenants and landlords. Looking to rent in Amsterdam? Contact us or come by our office and we will help you find a suitable property.

Our mission statement: RE/MAX is a worldwide real estate leader, achieving our goals by helping other achieve theirs. Our vision is that RE/MAX will always be the right place for real estate entrepreneurs who want a combination of independence, support, unique competitive advantages – and the right choice for customers who understand the benefits of having someone like that working on their behalf. We believe real estate buyers en sellers everywhere deserve the world-class services of outstanding agents who are skilled, driven and focused on achieving outstanding results.

Our latests listings

Vondelstraat 72 G

€1,550 per month

Boerhaaveplein 12 1

€1,700 per month

Kwakersstraat 14 3

€1,500 per month

Afroditekade 176 A

€2,300 per month

Admiraliteitstraat 80

€1,600 per month

J.J. Cremerplein 50 1

€1,600 per month

Loosduinenstraat 3

€2,000 per month

De Klencke 87 E

€1,900 per month

Weerdestein 29

€2,100 per month

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