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Immobilia; where quality and customer focus are naturally

Immobilia is a dynamic, innovatory and solution-targeted company. As a concerned party we will take care of the whole proces of renting and/or selling for this to be the perfect. As distinct broker we constantly are busy with a close collaboration with you. Because we are convinced that you as a landlord / seller plays a very big role in the entire process.

VBO broker

In addition, we value quality, service, and no-nonsense. Because of these reasons we are part of a VBO broker, a reputable organization for brokers and appraisers in real estate. Within this organization is chosen to work with a personal approach by agents with nowledge and skills, a perfect match!

Quality assurance

What does this mean for you?

If you chose for Immobilia, you can rely on a reliable and competent partner for the rental and/or sale of your house. Because we are part of the vbo broker they constantly test our knowledge and whether we meet the stringent requirements of the quality register nrvt (Nederlands Register Vastgoed Taxateurs / Netherlands Regsiter of Real Estate Appraisers) and the VBO renting check. Just to be sure we can give you the best experience with Immobilia!


Stefanie Koolhaas-Wortelboer

Rental agent

Florens Hoorweg

Rental agent

Aïscha Tegelaar

Commercial assistent

Bas Koolhaas

Rental agent

Our latests listings

Emmaplein 19

€1,275 per month

Noordeindseweg 428

€1,300 per month

Nachtegaallaan 1

€1,750 per month

Dorpsstraat 19

€1,425 per month

Mozartplein 3

€1,395 per month

Noordeindseweg 308 a

€2,450 per month

Noordeindseweg 304 a

€2,695 per month

Buizerdstraat 30

€1,575 per month

Essenburgsingel 3 B03

€2,100 per month

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