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Langezaal Makelaars is the specialist in the field of houses in Bezuidenhout and Mariahoeve. We have the largest offer of objects that are for sale in these districts. That means that we are able to fulfil your living requirements quickly and against an optimal price. That means you do not have to settle for less choice. Naturally, we can also provide you with excellent services in other districts of The Hague and the surrounding municipalities.


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Van den Boschstraat 226

€1,275 per month

Maystraat 17

€1,250 per month

Van Merlenstraat 106 B

€1,200 per month

2e Louise de Colignystraat 77

€1,450 per month

Tollensstraat 100

€1,025 per month

Scheltuslaan 213

€1,250 per month

Van den Boschstraat 284

€1,375 per month

van de Wateringelaan 237

€1,400 per month

Van Speijkstraat 108

€1,250 per month

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