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PSG Wonen VBO Makelaar: accessible, personal and professional

“Our real estate office has been in existence since February 2008, but our office was opened on 08-08-2008. A nice date, and our wedding day. ” Diego Paredes Sanchez Groenendijk and his wife started PSG Wonen VBO Makelaar from that day on. In the abbreviation we find the initials of their surnames. Over the years, PSG Wonen VBO Makelaar has gained extensive knowledge of the market in The Hague and the surrounding area. Service is of paramount importance. Diego: “We help the customer to find a home, but especially a home. A place where you feel safe and secure. I help people as I would like to be helped when I sell or rent my house: personal, accessible and reliable. ”

PSG Wonen VBO Makelaar is experienced and expert in real estate. Diego: “Our membership at the trade association VBO Makelaar is an extra guarantee for our customers of high-quality service. We radiate confidence. This became clear again when we were nominated in 2016 for the public award "Best rental broker in the Netherlands, organized by" Who is the best broker? "Such appreciation from customers, that is what we do it for. And customers are still happy with our personal approach. Just look at how customers rate us in Google review. ”

PSG Wonen VBO Makelaar receives you hospitably. You feel welcome in the Hague office with a homely appearance. Diego: “We don't create distance, but rather want to get close to the customer. We are accessible.

PSG Wonen offers a wide range of services. Feel free to ask us what the possibilities are that PSG Wonen can offer you.

We look forward to welcoming you to our office and look forward to meeting you! ”


D. Paredes Sanchez


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Kinderen van Versteegplein

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