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A charming apartment, room, house, apartment or studio, villas, loft or business wants to rent in the Eindhoven region will automatically select Huurinc Housing! Huurinc Housing offers a state of the art matchingsysteem.24 hour links our software home seekers to our housing stock and vice versa. Spiders also ensure sure that all the other offerings from the region is matched to our page file. We guide you with care and attention to finding a suitable accommodation.

Also for hiring and managing your rental property you've come to the right place. Letting your home with Huurinc Housing expertly arranged. As a local rental agent, we provide the entire rental process. This means that Huurinc Housing in consultation with you determine the rental price and conditions, present your house, takes care of the visits, the candidates carefully screens and selects and rental agreement includes additional provisions, if desired, also prepares in English.

In addition, we provide a comprehensive inspection including photographs at the check. The advantage is that letting your property runs entirely according to your wishes and legislation.

For more information or advice feel free to contact us.

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Floralaan Oost

€3,495 per month

Woenselse Markt

€1,067 per month


€1,495 per month


€1,395 per month


€1,500 per month


€790 per month


€1,495 per month


€1,750 per month

Buijtenste meerken

€1,995 per month

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