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ViaDaan, rent responsibly.

ViaDaan stands for mediation between tenants and landlords in the private housing market.


ViaDaan was founded in 2017 and is therefore a fresh new player in the market. We stand for clear communication between tenant and landlord. With this we profile ourselves not so much on the classic brokerage, but more on a new fresh wind in the rental market.


ViaDaan mediates between tenant and landlord and ensures the right match based on search criteria and desired candidate profile. ViaDaan is fast, professional and flexible. Once registered with ViaDaan, rental candidates are immediately assisted in finding the right accommodation. For landlords, housing can be rented out quickly to the right candidate from our selected member base.

Our latests listings

Bakenessergracht 61

€1,575 per month

Sint Janstraat 15

€1,695 per month

Sint Janstraat

€1,595 per month

Woubruggestraat 9 2

€2,350 per month

Mauritsstraat 61

€1,150 per month

Abt Ludolfweg 41

€1,500 per month


€1,450 per month

Rustenburgerstraat 146 A17

€2,150 per month

Willem Barentszweg 78

€1,695 per month

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