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Fryslân Homes is the only real Frisian real estate agency focused on our province. We are located in Rottum, a picturesque village between Heerenveen and Lemmer, and specializes in finding unique match between landlord and tenant house. For us, the property agency contacting unique people. Frisians and non-Frisians. For us, it starts with individuals with their passions and desires, and is a pleasant living environment the result. With over 15 years experience in the industry Fryslân Home Rentals has the right housing and people skills to temporarily live in private housing in the right way. And all this under the motto 'no fuss' and' word-is-word "as the righteous Fries it wants to experience.

Please contact our offices, we speak English. We offer quality property services for people from abroad and expats.

Our latests listings

De Vervening 1 b

€1,095 per month

Ockingahiem 29

€825 per month

Aggemastate 66

€695 per month

Dekamastraat 22

€935 per month

Scharnestraat 18 B

€840 per month

de Ruyterweg 35

€1,095 per month

Duimstraat 77

€995 per month

Schokkerhof 6

Price on request

Tjaarda 352

€695 per month

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