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Welcome to Woonhuis O/G. Woonhuis O/G is the specialist in the field of comfortable living space in Hilversum and surroundings. Apartments, rooms, studios, lofts, villas, etc. Our wide selection meets a wide range of demand. Every property is minutely checked prior to being listed. After all we know how important living comfort is. Woonhuis O/G is the right place to be for anyone looking for housing in Central Netherlands. It is just as easy as it sounds. Take a look at our current listings and register.

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Woonhuis O/G keeps its customers daily informed by e-mail service about the new offer that fits in your search profile. You are attending to have paid the registration fee. This service is ideal for people who doesn't want to search every day to our entire offer for suitable living space. The Woonhuis O/G match criteria goes out from price, place and kind of living space you are looking for.

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€625 per month


€695 per month


€1,395 per month

Henriëtte Roland Holsthof

€1,350 per month


€1,495 per month


€1,550 per month

Graaf Florisstraat

€850 per month

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