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Offered services:
-Homefinding & Relocation 3 days € 1.750,00
-Homefinding package 1 day € 560,00
-Relocation package 2 days € 1.200,00
-Preview / Area tour ½ day € 300,00
-Residence permit ½ day € 300,00
-Driver’s license conversion ½ day € 300,00
-Car import assistance 1 day € 600,00
-Extension help desk 6 months € 200,00

Homefinding package
• Consultation with estate agents about suitable living accommodation concerning the expat.
• Accompany the expat viewing houses / apartments.
• Negotiations concerning the contract.
• Connection of gas/water/electricity.

Relocation package
• Visit schools / kinder gartens.
• Take care of the connections of telephone / fax / internet.
• Provide information about sport facilities, divine services, family doctors, dentists, garbage services, stores, electric equipment, etc.
• Open a bank account, application of credit card.
• Apply for National Insurance Number.
• Provide information concerning child benefit.

Preview / Area tour
• Show the schools and how to get to the office / place of work.
• Show the area where it’s nice to live.
• If necessary, show 1 or 2 houses to give the expat an impression of the Dutch houses.

Residence permit
• Make an appointment with the aliens registration department.
• Communicate with the expat which documents are necessary for application of a residence permit.
• Guide the expat during application of a residence permit.
• Make an appointment for register in municipality.
• Communicate with expat about the required documents for registering.
• If necessary, accompany the expat to the town hall.

Driver’s license conversion
• Confer with the expat about the required documents for conversion of the driver’s license.
• Fill in the forms (which are only available in Dutch) with expat an send it off.
• Explain further procedure.

Car import assistance
• This is a difficult procedure, there has to be made several appointments for inspection, declaration of BPM, payment of BPM, inform Customs etc. The procedures are regularly modified, so a good guidance is very important.

Extension help desk
• Provide information via e-mail or telephone about the most various business during 6 months.

• Residence permit: Only for the employee of the employer. This service is free if partner and/ or children accompanies. If this is not possible there will be charge separate costs for this.
• Prices are inclusive charges (max.100km a day)

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