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Ruijters Woningmakelaars Maastricht, Maastricht

Wycker Brugstraat 51, 6221 EB Maastricht

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~ 50years experience, 50years trust

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Well if everyone does what he is good at and love to do, then we all achieve the most. And if you're taking can trust the people with whom you work, then you have a bond for life. Thus we see that at Ruijters.
nothing is as much fun as are engaged in a new home. In your head look forward to the new place. You see yourself sitting there at all. But. Before that happens, there must be a lot to be controlled. Your current house to be sold. We're happy to help. Since we have been around for many years, we know the region as our pocket. We know how the market is structured, how it moves. We advise you about the asking price, the viewings make and maintain contacts with potential buyers.
And are you looking for a new place, whether we like to look with you. You indicate how your ideal looks and we're going to get started. Here, too, we know where to look. Have contacts and know the way.
And we understand better than anyone how important a nice house. Where everyone feels good and can grow (up). We are after all, father, son, mother and daughter.