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Rent Estate is the responsible choice for a trustworthy and
professional meeting point between landlord and tenant!

Rent Estate is a modern rental-agency in the West-Brabant area.

Two decades of experience, an up-to-date knowledge and relationships
within the regional market in this specific sector, shall ensure your property not only rent but also familiar rent!

The rental of a property requires a specialty that not everyone is given. Matching landlords and tenants is always tailor-made, in which I offer you my skills and competences.

From the very first contact we stand by you, not just with words but with deeds! With the right mediator, Rent Estate, vacancy will proceed to rental!


Chantal Nooren-Nieuwlaat

Rental agent

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Van Dedemstraat

€1,975 per month


€1,395 per month


€1,275 per month

Grote Markt

€1,250 per month


€1,500 per month

Grote Markt

€1,350 per month

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