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What is TW3?

TW stands for Added Value ('Toegevoegde Waarde' in Dutch).3 Stands for the image of 3 services under one roof:

- estate agent's services
- strategy
- marketing

"At home in Added Value"
TW3 is a company with a distinguishing service founded on expertise and a reliable procedure in accordance with NVM (Dutch Association of Estate Agents) regulations.

Our approach is based on a broad expertise, many years of experience and an excellent knowledge of regulations, insight into consumers' wishes and creativity in realization.

Flexibility is the basic value of our method of working which manifests itself in our package of services and our customer-oriented approach.

TW3 has an extensive network in the housing market at its disposal. The combination of knowledge and creativity enables us to make all the difference for the various parties, especially in this changed market.

Where do we work?
Our field of activity mainly covers Greater Rotterdam/Gouda/the The Hague region. However, our specific expertise can be made available nationwide as well.

Who do the job?
The TW3 advisers and estate agents are Marco Jongeleen, Göran Boon and Tom van Noord. They operate independently, complementing and supporting each other in the various fields of knowledge.

Our latests listings

Maanplein 1 J

€1,468 per month

Laan op Zuid 1423

€1,000 per month

Maanplein 130 E

€940 per month

Arthur van Schendelplein 180

€875 per month

Zegwaardstraat 70

€2,450 per month

Bezuidenhoutseweg 65 73

€1,665 per month

Anna van Buerenplein 151

€1,590 per month

Nijverheidstraat 38 B

€1,975 per month

Bezuidenhoutseweg 65 58

€1,540 per month

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