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The Rots-Vast Groep rents, lets and manages rental properties for over 29 years. With more than 21 offices and a large portfolio of houses and apartments for rent on the short term, we are the largest real estate broker in homes for rent in The Netherlands.

Rots-Vast Groep mediates in case you want to rent a house, appartment or a room. We offer an extensive offer of houses and apartments for rent in the Amsterdam area, which can be rented on the short term for several months or years. Rots-Vast Groep helps you finding your perfect house for rent in the Netherlands.

In case you have a property which you want to let, we will advise you about letting the property. Rots-Vast Groep will find suitable tenants for your house and we will make the contract. We can also take care of the financial and technical management of the property.

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Cornelis Schuytstraat

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