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Uppmärk is the only brokerage firm that combines an online strategy with offline brokerage services and attention to the customer.

Online, we ensure that there is clear information about each project. In addition, each customer can create their own home file in which the status of a request can be easily seen and from which we regularly send status updates.

Offline, we recognize the benefits of human contact. Renting or buying a property is not nothing for most people and we give this the attention it deserves. This way, our real estate agents come to people's homes and we have the real estate services and experience in-house to make a project a success.

i nostri nuovi immobili

Maanplein 116 M

1.590 € al mese

Friesestraatweg 225 76

1.375 € al mese

Friesestraatweg 225 21

1.485 € al mese

Pieter Goosstraat 30

2.265 € al mese

Friesestraatweg 229 39

1.135 € al mese

Jan Duikerhof 118

1.561 € al mese

Friesestraatweg 229 48

1.330 € al mese

Friesestraatweg 225 54

1.485 € al mese

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