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Edenstraat 4, 5615 GA Eindhoven

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In 2018 elected number 7 of the Pararius Top 75 rental brokers in the Netherlands.

Friendly Housing is specialized in renting and managing student houses, studios en apartments.

Our main aspects are delivering quality and a high level of service.

This is automatically linked to better living and housing conditions for the tenant. The tenant is central to us and we are happy to help them!

Important for you as a tenant:
We only charge € 150,- excl.21% VAT as rental costs when you are going to rent a property.

Important for you as a landlord:
Low vacancy rates and an optimal rental income of your property.
Management fee starting from 6% excl.21% VAT.

Mediation costs for landlords:
- Dependant housing € 200,- excl.21% VAT
- Independent housing € 350,- excl.21% VAT
- If you choose to only use our services to search for a tenant, the costs for mediation are € 500, - excl.21% VAT.

This makes us the cheapest real estate office in Eindhoven!

Please let us know if you want to make an appointment to get to know our agency and our employees, the coffee is always ready!

Team Friendly Housing

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  • Sofie Spanbroek- van Bree
    Sofie Spanbroek- van Bree
    Capo ufficio
  • Lindsay Teunissen
    Lindsay Teunissen
    Agente noleggio
  • Petrie Heijligers- Offenbach
    Petrie Heijligers- Offenbach
    Agente noleggio
  • Stefan Kusters
    Stefan Kusters
    Real Estate Advisor
  • Shirley Coort
    Shirley Coort
    Commercial assistent
  • Pauline Deimann
    Pauline Deimann
    Commercial assistent
  • Puck Aarts
    Puck Aarts
    Agente noleggio

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