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Star Housing Maastricht is specialized in assisting you in your search for (temporary) accommodation. Based on your wishes and our years of experience we select a number of residences from the many we have on file. One of our staff members will accompany you during the viewings. You may visit as many addresses as you wish. No cure, no pay We charge no registration fee. Should we not find what you are looking for, no bill will be forthcoming.

Once you have found a property that is to your liking, we take care of the rest. After all, you have plenty of other matters to think about. Negotiations as to lease price, term of notice, contracts? By the time you put the key in the lock, everything is settled.

Fully or partly furnished: Most homes we have on file are fully furnished, from carpets and curtains, lights and lamps, chairs and sofas to linens, cutlery and pots and pans. You may also opt for a partly furnished residence with carpeting, lighting, curtains and kitchen equipment.

Charges: One month rent including utilities and excluding VAT, upon successful mediation.

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Agente noleggio

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