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Rots-Vast Group Middelburg
started into business in 1989 from a small office in Rotterdam (then known as 'Rotterdams Vastgoed'). Over the years, Rots-Vast Groep has developed into an organisation with more than 30offices located throughout the Netherlands, which makes us the largest specialist in the field of residential rental brokerage and property management. Thanks to our professional consultants and extensive knowledge of the housing market, we can offer you the utmost in reliable service. This is evidenced by our wide network of satisfied landlords and tenants that we have established since 1989.

Rots-Vast Group offers its brokerage services to anyone who is looking for a place to live. Whether you are a student, a single person, a family or a company, you can come to us for all kinds of accommodation - furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished, from a single room to an entire villa and everything in between. More than 65% of people looking for a rental home who register with Rots-Vast Group are successfully matched.

As a specialist in the field of rental brokerage, we advise and provide quick and efficient brokerage services to anyone wishing to let out their property. We also offer the possibility of managing your real estate. A fax service and this website are examples of some of our efforts to provide the very best service to our clients.

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