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For over nineteen years, 't Mauritshuis Makelaars has been your personal service provider specializing in the rental and sale of apartments, houses, single-family houses and villas. You can find us in the regions of Arnhem, Wageningen as a rental and sales realtor and in the region of Amsterdam and Utrecht as a rental realtor for expats. This way you are always assured that we are familiar with the regions we represent and that we can quickly and effectively guide you in finding a suitable home.

With our team of committed professionals, we always advise you personally in finding the suitable home. When you come to us you have come to the right place for rent / rental and sale of your home and we help you enthusiastically and knowledgeable with your new and future home. Because we believe that living is elementary in life, quality, reliability and confidentiality is a naturally part of the Mauritshuis standard, "honest and competent".

We propagate this by guiding you with sincere attention and giving substance to your housing wishes and expectations. We know the market and know what our customers want. When you say, "I am home," we are satisfied.

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Willemsplein 23 51

1.815 € al mese

Willemsplein 23 11

955 € al mese

Niemeijerstraat 14 1

995 € al mese

Galgeplek 14

1.795 € al mese

Staringstraat 23

1.295 € al mese

Marten Toonderstraat 33

935 € al mese

Maanderweg 4 8

1.495 € al mese

Bakkerstraat 56 1

895 € al mese

Markt 30

1.000 € al mese

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