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Home For Life home rental mediation

Home For Life is there to mediate between landlord and tenant. From Rijnsburg we serve our customer base varying from students, singles, couples young and old and expats.

Transparent and clear mediation

As a tenant you want to be able to enjoy your accommodation undisturbed. After all, you pay rent for that.

The rental broker Home For Life mediates exclusively for serious and reliable landlords. With this we want to prevent you from ending up in a rental situation with which you are not satisfied.

With us there are no "hidden" costs. The rental price is the rental price. Rooms usually include gas, water and electricity, unless clearly and explicitly stated otherwise.

In short: transparent and clear. You know in advance where you stand, without negative surprises

Also read our rental conditions.

And if, despite all precautions, problems do occur, you can always call on us.

Can't find a suitable property in the current offer? Then register online for mediation, we will keep you informed about new arrivals by phone or e-mail.

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