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Oostzeedijk Beneden 193 B, 3061 VS Rotterdam

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If you wish to temporarily rent a furnished house or apartment in Rotterdam, around the Maasvlakte, Europoort and surroundings, you deserve our full attention.

An house or apartment where you can feel at home is important for you. But you don't want to spent too much time looking for suitable housing. Riva Rentals makes sure that you quickly find the house or apartment of your choice in Rotterdam or around the Maasvlakte and Europoort area.

No cure, no pay! No registration fee.

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  • Ronald Maat
    Ronald Maat
    Sales broker
  • Nina Oosterbosch
    Nina Oosterbosch
    Agente noleggio
  • Shirley van der Biezen
    Shirley van der Biezen
    Agente noleggio
  • Derya Bueno
    Derya Bueno
    Agente noleggio
  • Simone Kraan
    Simone Kraan
    Commercial assistent
  • Violet Bode
    Violet Bode
    Commercial assistent
  • Nina Radic
    Nina Radic
    Commercial assistent

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