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We provide both temporary home rentals and indefinite home rentals. You can choose to rent bare, semi-furnished or furnished accommodation. As a landlord, you will always get a tenant who has been extensively screened by means of a background check, several credit checks and an identity check to prevent housing fraud.

We can also take care of the financial, technical and commercial management of your home(s) for a competitive monthly rate. You will then be completely unburdened.

If you are looking for a good investment property, you have also come to the right place. We can guide and advise you based on our real estate and market knowledge.

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1.425 € al mese

Willem II Singel

750 € al mese


1.650 € al mese


1.350 € al mese

van Heinsberglaan

1.950 € al mese


1.350 € al mese


925 € al mese

Willem Alexanderlaan

2.300 € al mese

Rijksweg Noord

695 € al mese

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